What is a sacred passage doula?

Welcome to Candace N English, sacred passage doula.  My opportunities to be in the presence of dying people came about organically in my life. I am so grateful for the experiences that some family members and my husband Jon English gave me in sharing their most vulnerable and unknown territories at the end. Over a lifetime career as musician and psychotherapist I was able to find my way into the inner worlds of the dying and their families.  A sacred passage doula or death doula is someone who accompanies a person on their journey of death.  The purpose is to assist and interpret, sooth and guide, intervene and reveal the process.  The challenge of the work is always to be in the realm of the person’s preference, their comfort zone.  And this deep empathy is facilitated, in part, by building a relationship and collaborating on decisions well in advance of departure time.

Life well spent is long.
~Leonardo da Vinci